My Pain

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My Pain

My pain usually starts in my finger joints as a dull ache (usually starting at the big joint – Middle to Proximal Phalanx), then it starts to spread and intensify. Below is what took place in an hour time frame.

It started in my left phalanges (fingers) first and then my right about 5 minutes later, it is a dull ache at this point, but it will intensify for sure.

It then moved to my metacarpal area (palm) then spreads to my wrists. At about the same time, it moved to my feet in the same order.

It slowly spread up my radius and ulna (lower arm) to my elbows and sure enough, like clockwork, it spread up to my knees.

The pain slowly intensifies from a dull ache to a more intense pain to eventually a stabbing and shooting pain. I often equate it to my hand being in a vice and someone tightening the jaws of the vice (yes I have had that happen before)

The area with the most pain is my right knee and my right palm. Usually taking my prescribed dosage of Gabapentin will work for me and it drops everything back down to a dull roar. What is a dull roar, well I would say a 2-3 on the pain scale, which I can deal with and manage. That is down from a 5-6 on the scale. My knee, however, is another story. I’m not convinced that there is an underlying problem there as well. But the knee flares up to a strong 6-7 on the scale and remains there some days, but not a constant, it has to hurt when I walk and also shooting pains when I’m still.

On days like today, the pain is there all day long as if the medications are not working. This usually runs in a cycle that I haven’t been able to figure out as of yet. This usually seems to last 2-3 days.

As I’m typing this my most sore points are my two wrists and my right elbow and my right foot.

Got to love pain

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