Costochondritis X-Rays

Doctor looking at a Chest X-Ray
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Costochondritis X-Rays

Since my costochondritis has been acting up and causing a ton of pain lately. My rheumatologist was concerned so she ordered some enhanced scans of my ribs so she could see if there was anything strange going on that she might be able to see on an x-ray. 

xray orders

The results show, no airspace disease, which is a great thing as they have suspected that in the past, which is usually me not taking a deep enough breath, due to pain.

The end results are:

The cardiac silhouette is within normal limits. There is no pneumothorax, pleural effusion, interstitial edema, or focal airspace process.
Evaluation of the ribs demonstrates normal osseous anatomy with no displaced fracture.

I’m not sure what test she will want to do next. 

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