2021 Goals

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2021 Goals

I’m usually a goal-oriented type of person and I usually fall into the New Year Resolution trap, of making resolutions and never doing them. Changing how your life evolves is difficult. This year I didn’t pick the normal, lose weight and eat right and exercise more resolutions. I mean those things are very important, but I know I won’t keep them. So I will still strive to do those things, but they are not on paper this year. For 2021, I decided to focus on mental health.

One of my mental health goals for 2020 was to get back into some of my hobbies. One of those hobbies is photography. Right now I’m mostly snapping nature, but I want to get into still life and portrait photography, I just need to find the right model.

Here are some photos of one of my outings in the fall of 2020. My daughter and I went out on a photography adventure.

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