Celery, Nature’s Toothbrush

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Celery, Nature's Toothbrush

Celery, Nature’s Toothbrush, hmmm, I’m not so sure about this one, I mean I don’t like celery already, but seriously, if I did, I wouldn’t anymore.

Celery cleaning your colon

After a little research, I discovered the back story of this. It is not a vintage ad, it is actually from the 1994 comic book called ‘Devil’s Chef’ by Dark Horse Comics

Devil Chef comic

Hell hath no fury like the diminutive demon of disagreeable delicacies, Devil Chef. Whether terrorizing the culinary patrons of “Chez Monieux” or venting his wrath upon the armed forces of a great, God-fearing nation, Chef’s justice is both swift and terrible. But would it be as fun any other way? The DicTater-Tot’s fiendish forays are at last chronicled by the Dark Lord’s personal manservant, Jack Pollock. It’s one shot to the funny bone in this one-shot comic book. Do you refuse to witness Chef’s glory? The chef is angry now!

Writer: Jack Pollack
Artist: Jack Pollack
Editor: Chris Warner
Designer: Steven Birch
Cover Artist: Jack Pollack

Here is the real page in the comic book

Celery cleaning your colon


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