Taco Bell Defy

Taco Bell Defy

Taco Bell Defy

Taco Bell is trying to modernize fast food, with their Quick Service restaurant concept which Taco Bell calls “Taco Bell Defy“, which is being tested in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Born out of the pandemic, the new Taco Bell Defy looks more like there are four drive-thru lanes. You place your order at a kiosk or via their mobile app. When you pull into your lane, you scan your QR code and your order is sent down to you from the kitchen which is above the drive-thru lanes. Taco Bell hopes to revolutionize the fast food industry.

The problem with the concept is that once again Taco Bell fails to recognize its customer base. Taco Bell seems to not understand that a huge portion of its business is from the “stoner” crowd. If you ask anyone that tokes recreationally a little marijuana, they often visit Taco Bell late at night to settle the cravings that come with smoking. They also forget that their best-selling menu item is dare I say it, tacos.

I personally hate that it seems that Taco Bell changes its menu almost daily. But that isn’t the topic of this post.

This couple tries the new window and well, it isn’t super fast. Is it me, or does this girl have a strong resemblance to Alyson Hannigan from American Pie, “This one time at Taco Bell…”

I think that this type of fast food concept will catch on, but Taco Bell didn’t really invent this, it has been around for a very long time. In fact, I first saw one in Canada at a McDonald’s where you got your food from a conveyor belt.

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