Hummer Has Nothing On The Hercules

Rezvani Vengeance luxury hardened military-style SUV

Hummer Has Nothing On The Hercules

If you haven’t heard about or seen one of the vehicles that Costa Mesa, California Rezvani Motors is building, then you are really missing out.

Rezvani Motors is an American automotive designer and manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Rezvani Motors was founded by Iranian-American Ferris Rezvani in 2013. As a young boy, founder Ferris Rezvani aspired to become a fighter pilot just like his father. In order to develop a thrill similar to flying an F-4 fighter jet, Mr. Rezvani set out to create an extreme sports car that gave drivers the opportunity to experience the same exhilaration and g-forces behind the wheel. Ferris immigrated to the United States along with his family in 1984, when he was the age of 9. Wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps of being a fighter pilot, was sidelined due to various health limitations. So he turned his focus to designing an automobile, that would capture that same feeling. In 2014, Ferris started Rzvani Motors in Irvine California.

The company’s first model was “Beast”, a lightweight, high-performance sports car. The “Beast” was followed by the “Beast Alpha”, which showcased the industry’s first patent Side Winder doors.

Sidewinder Doors

Their first car was the Rezvani Beast, which was a two-door super sports car that can go 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, running a 2.4 liter supercharged I4 engine. But that isn’t what I want to talk about. Jay Leno’s Garage test drove the Beast, you can check out the video here.

Rezvani Motors - The Rezvani Beast - the start of it all
Rezvani Beast next to F-35's

The beast was really a track car as it didn’t have doors for entry into the car, and it was a toy compared to Vengeance, which is a luxury hardened military-style SUV. The Vengeance sits up to 8 and had a bulletproof package and looks like it is a specially equipped military vehicle all for around $250k. It is the Cadillac of military vehicles, well, that makes sense as it is built on a Cadillac Escalade.

Rezvani Motors - Vengeance luxury hardened military-style SUV
Rezvani Vengenance - Luxury meets Military

They also make a model called the Tank, which is billed as a tactical off-road vehicle, and that is exactly what it looks like. It includes Thermal Night Vision and an optional 1,000-horsepower Dodge DEMON V8 engine and looks more like a modern Jeep (well, it is actually built on a Jeep Wrangler)

Rezvani Motors - Tank tactical off-road vehicle
Rezvani Tank

They also make the Tank in a military edition, which includes being bulletproof and some 20 security features, like run-flat tires, EMP protection, and can produce a smoke screen, just to name a few. I mean, who doesn’t want electrified door handles?


But those models are nothing compared to the 6×6 Hercules and 6×6 Hercules Military Edition.

This vehicle is a true beast and it looks very impressive. This is the ultimate off-road truck on the market today. It is available in four different engine options, including a 1,300 HP 7.0L Supercharged V8 engine. It is built on a Jeep Gladiator.

The Hamilton Collection YouTube channel has a bunch of videos on the Hercules 6×6 here.

Rezvani Motors - 6x6 Hercules Truck
Rezvani Hercules 6x6

In a 2019 interview with, Ferris Rezvani stated,

We have sold 6 BEAST models, and 4 Beast Alpha Models, and have 4 TANK cars on order currently. Beast is our sexy car but entertained a very limited audience because it lacked doors and was track-focused. Beast Alpha is a road-going car with a broader appeal. TANK is the new Hummer — it’s designed to be that tough, rough, military-style SUV.

The company’s celebrity clients include Jamie Foxx (who owns a Tank), Chris Brown (Chris purchased the first Rezvani Beast in 2015 and can be seen in his music video for “Liquor” and also owns a Tank), the pop singer Jeremih, the Iranian rapper Tohi. Enrique Iglesias drove the Rezvani Beast Alpha in his music video “El Baño”. American mixed martial artist, actor, and former professional wrestler Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, owns a Tank as well as Alvin ‘Xzibit‘ from Pimp My Ride.

Based on the YouTube videos, the vehicles all look cool, but they aren’t very capable or worth the money.


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