Car-Jitsu Championship

Car-Jitsu is a real thing, it's a Jiu-Jitsu competition in a car
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Car-Jitsu Championship

What do you get when you put grown-ass men who both just happen to be red belts in Jitsu into a subcompact car? Well, you get a Jitsu match called Car-Jitsu and yes, it is a real thing and it is brutal.

The rules are simple, you both start in the front seats of the car, you are wearing the seat belt until the match starts, the car is obviously parked and you can use anything in the car you want as long as there is no striking.

It is a real combat sport that started in Russia and today it is all over YouTube. And men and women all around the globe (or disc for you flat earthers, lol) are giving it a try.

Car-Jitsu is a real thing, it's a Jiu-Jitsu competition in a car

Yes, I said women, I mean, I can see why a man would want to watch two hot ladies battling it out all in fun.

This brutal sport, which looks more like car-jacking than a real sport, was the brainchild of Russian Vik Mikheev, who came up with the idea of competitive grappling in vehicles in 2020. Mikheev was in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic when he came up with the idea. Mikheev is a black belt in judo and BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu), an MMA fighter, and even holds a Ph.D. in Math. Check out his YouTube channel. A match consists of two – three-minute rounds, after the first round, the competitors switch seats in the car. The end goal is to submit your opponent. If the score is even after the two rounds, they move to the back seats for a final 4-minute round.

It is all explained here:

The point system is straightforward, with 4 points for each mount and back control and 2 points for knee on belly. Seat belts are considered a legal tool and are used to gain submissions or stabilize positions, adding a new meaning to a seatbelt choke.

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