Pay To Drive – Update #2

Pay To Drive - Monthly subscriptions
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Pay To Drive - Update #2

Translated from Korean – From the South Korean Connected Drive

BMW is charging monthly subscriptions for heated seats, a heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control (Driving Assistant Plus), auto high beams, and the built-in dash cam (Drive Recorder) in South Korea.

This means that cars equipped with all of the hardware for these functions, including heating coils in the seats and expensive adaptive cruise radars, will have them locked out unless the subscription is paid. There is an “Unlimited” subscription option but there is no indication as to whether this will transfer to subsequent owners.

There is also a discounted 3-year subscription option priced slightly cheaper than the unlimited. This is clearly intended for lessees so the features will be disabled when the cars are returned at lease-end and BMW can then charge second owners to re-enable them.

BMW is also charging for CarPlay, a feature that is included in most economy cars.

Subscription pricing is approximate:

Heated seats: $18.50 per month
High Beam Assistant: $8.50 per month
Heated steering wheel: $10 per month
Driving Assistant Plus: $39.50 per month
Drive Recorder: $11.50 per month

Total: About $88 per month

Other Connected Drive options on the site are:

CarPlay: $308 one-time fee
IconicSounds Sport: $139 one-time fee

BMW has hinted that they will bring this model to the US or Europe but have faced backlash from customers.

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