You’re In the Corps Now

Marine Corps War Memorial - Iwo Jima Monument
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You're In the Corps Now

I didn’t write this, it was actually taken from the “Journey of a Marine MoM” blog. But I thought it was a really good poem about being in the Marine Corps.

Written by Marine MoM  Kristin Franciscon

Going to be a little blunt, but…Suck it up, Buttercup!

-Boot camp is not summer camp
-your recruit/Marine has chosen this, you may not like it
-Never call DI’s or Command
-the Marine way of life is different, you may not like it
-your child is now grown, let them grow up and be their support
-your recruit/Marine now belongs to the Corps-not you
-leave, 96’s, trips home are NOT guaranteed
-Semper Gumby is real
-always buy refundable tickets, reservations
-they suck it up, so you need to too
-going out in the field is not glamping
-they train with live ammo
-they are trained to kill
-they are training for war
-they may get hurt during training or combat, maybe seriously
-they train to be lean, mean, fighting warriors
-they are training to save their life and their brothers/sisters lives
-if you cannot get thru boot camp, you will not survive a combat deployment (and that is when we all need each other)
-you have been drafted into the greatest role ever, MoM of a Marine, be worthy of it
-Love them!
OOHRAH!! Semper Fi!

Gumby at the 85th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade
Gumby - In the Corps we use Semper Gumby for Always Flexible

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