Who Let This Dumbass Shoot A Rifle?

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Who Let This Dumbass Shoot A Rifle?

That reporter (CNN’s Gary Tuchman) is dangerous with that weapon (and I’m sure that he is over-reacting) and if I was the instructor (retired Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling), I would have stopped him from firing until he learned how to properly hold that weapon, but then again the whole intent of this video was to make the weapon look bad, make it look dangerous. The weapon itself is not dangerous, but the shooter most certainly is. I find it humorous that every time they do a news story or article in print about anything military, they choose some retired General. In the real military, that General hasn’t picked up an M16 or M4 in many years and that was likely to “fam-fire” on the range. Fam-fire is short for familiarization firing, which is just getting familiar with the weapon in question. They most often never pick someone like an E-4 – E-5 who is not only familiar but has qualified with that weapon many times over their career. I guess picking General Schmuckatelli to talk about it makes it sound like he is more authoritative than a Cpl or Sgt.

I’m going to also state that the retired General is only slightly less dangerous, he needs to keep that damn thing tight in his shoulder, he is letting it bounce all over and it will certainly show on his target. When he moves to single shots, he is much better with his stance and how he is holding the weapon is so much better. Watching him trying to eject the magazine indicates that he clearly is only slightly familiar with the weapon (he should be able to work the weapon blindfolded, including disassembling and reassembling it). Since he is an officer, his TO (table of Organization) weapon would be a 9mm pistol. He would only be familiar with the M-16/M-4, and unlikely that he qualified annually with it. The thing that the civilian population doesn’t understand is that as an officer of his rank, he would not be on the front line, he would not need to worry about pulling the trigger. Hell as an SNCO I barely had to worry about it. I qualified annually until I was an E-6, I qualified with the 9mm when I was an E-5 and E-6. The general public sees that he is a General and they automatically think that he is qualified to talk about the subject. Talk to a Cpl or Sgt who is salty and that entire video would have been so different.

“If I want to fire this on full semi-automatic…” what the fuck is full semi-automatic? Those two words contradict each other. “I’m going to fire about five shots” really, you are squeezing the trigger each time, simply count your shots genius, and that was six shots by the way.

“enemy that has been hit by this weapon, where it will literally tear out the inside of the body”, alright, first, shame on you CNN for allowing this to ever air, second shame on you for picking a General, who hasn’t likely fired that weapon effectively in many years. The weapon does not inflict any damage on the body, the bullet does and the amount of damage depends on the type of bullet, but sure, the weapon does all that damage, here let me butt-stroke you a few times. Now getting shot in the shoulder and the bullet exiting out the ass, is very possible, that is how a bullet in general is designed. The center of gravity towards the head of the bullet, causes the projectile to tumble. The military loved this idea as the more damage the projectile did, the more enemy it would require to care for the victim. Think of it this way, you have a squad of 10 enemy combatants. You shot one in the leg and the bullet goes straight through and exits the body on the opposite side of the leg. It takes one person to assist the soldier who was shot in the leg. But both can still fight after the leg is bandaged. Now if the bullet enters the thigh, and comes out in the middle of the soldier’s back, it will take one, maybe two enemy combatants to care for the wounded, so that means the squad of ten is now a squad of seven, it is that simple.

This whole two-minute video is such bullshit. And it is sad to think that the public gets to see it and will believe it.

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