Venezuela Military tries to scare US Marines – Part 4

Venezuelan military demonstrating how scary they are
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Venezuela Military tries to scare US Marines - Part 4

This is a video reaction (regarding the Venezuela Military trying to scare US Marines video from Angry Cops) from a Navy veteran by the name of Jennifer La Fontaine, who clearly is confused about many things in the real world. After the 27-minute video (27 minutes of my life I will NEVER get back). I’ll post my comments.

Alright, I’m not sure where to begin, so I will make my comments as I painfully watch her video again.

First, I just need to ask the question, why are you trying to show your breasts? Is that to get more views? Jennifer La Fontaine chestIn fact most of all your videos show you trying to show off your breasts. Even the video thumbnail shows the one part where you open the hoodie entirely. And why are you always moving the camera in the picture-in-picture to show all of your breasts? Hell, there is at least one of your video thumbnails that has you wearing a white t-shirt with your nipples clearly showing. You are trying way too hard girl. If your content was good, you would have more followers, period.

Jennifer La Fontaine

trying too hard

Second, Richard Hy is a New York Army National Guard drill sergeant (deployed twice to Iraq) and is currently a Buffalo Police Department officer. He isn’t a recruiter, in early 2021 he was Staff Sergeant and training NCO for the recruiting battalion, but not a recruiter.

Third, you will see several ranks on his uniforms, one reason is that the videos are shot over a long time period (4 years for YouTube and two more years for his old Vines videos) and he was likely promoted, and second, he has several different personas he is playing in his videos.

Fourth, he isn’t “stolen valor”, he was and is in the military, so, uhm……..

Fifth, I have listened to 10 minutes of your rambling, and girl you are so confused, so lost and I’m shocked to hear that you are actually a veteran. You have zero clue about how the real world works or how the U.S. Military works.

Sixth, he isn’t endangering anyone, we all signed up, raised our hands, took the oath (that never expires) and we are willingly accepting that we might be put in danger, that is the game we are playing.

Seventh, to talk about the Venezuelan militia, yes they have 150,000 active duty military and they claim to have over 3.7 million members in their militia. But let me point out, the militia he is talking about was stood up in 2008, and most of the members have little to no professional training, they are citizens with guns. Yes, citizens with guns can be a formidable opponents, but they are not on any level equal to those that are trained. Below is a video of the Venezuelan militia in training.

Eighth, you are talking over yourself and in circles, now you are claiming that he made the video or is in bed with those that did, then you claim that they are not military but crisis actors, and then you claim the video is made in Peru, not Venezuela. In fact, you claim you have indisputable proof that they are crisis actors, yet you don’t produce any proof. Below is a timeline that I have been able to put together from online resources. The video was reported for at least a full week on other places on the Internet before Angry Cops posted his response.

The source of the video (has been removed from Facebook), below are other websites posting the same video and when they posted it.
Feb 04, 2019 – Er Palazo Cochinero
Feb 04, 2019 – Everything is Joda
Feb 09, 2019 – Howard High
Feb 09, 2019 – Tactical Shit News
Feb 09, 2019 – Chesty Puller’s Ghost
Feb 11, 2019 – Soldiers Doing Things
Feb 13, 2019 – Operator Sam – Angry Cops – This is the post you are bitching about
Feb 15, 2019 – does an article on it
March 18, 2019 – TheDC Shorts
March 18, 2019 – The Federalist Papers Project
April 29, 2020 – We Are The Mighty

Ninth, his videos are satire, so yes, he is making fun of others, including himself and the Army which he is a member of.

Now on to your critique of his videos:

1. ‘Pins are too high?’ His chevrons are in the correct placement on his collar, if the Army wore them on the collar, but the Army hasn’t worn rank on the collar since around 2004 when they adopted the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). That is likely an old photo or video of him prior to 2004, when the Army wore their rank insignia on their collar, in the exact placement that he has them in the photo. The funny thing is that as a Navy veteran, you would know them as chevrons as well.

2. Yes ‘he is wearing a white t-shirt under his uniform’. Since he is a reservist and being a cop pays his actual bills, he likely just made a mistake, he likely just puts on the uniform to make his videos. But that isn’t stolen valor. But the white t-shirt is against Army regulation 670-1 F3b (Personnel is not authorized to wear the white undershirt with the BDU, flight uniforms, combat vehicle crewman uniforms, or other utility or field uniforms that require the wear of the brown undershirt.). I’m not versed on Army uniform history, so they might have had a period of time when the white t-shirt was authorized, I know the Marine Corps did.

3. ‘he changes the stuff so much’, he started filming his YouTube videos four years ago (and Vines prior to that), so he likely went from being activated (to deploy in Iraq), to being on his two-weeks drill period, to a drill weekend and to be a cop, over that time period. So, his duty station might have changed and his rank would likely change. If you do 10 seconds of research you will see that he is transferring (2021) from the US Army National Guard to the US Air National Guard after losing a bet. You will also notice that in some of his videos, his name taps are “Angry D.S.” and “Angry Cops”. He also has a handful of personas that he uses, including “Operator Sam”, “Drill Sergeant Hy” and several more.

4. As for his rank and service record – a 2016 newspaper article posted “An Army reservist since he graduated from high school in 2005, he began as a civil affairs specialist with the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion based out of the Town of Tonawanda (moving to Puerto Rico in 2011). He currently holds the rank of an engineer drill sergeant.” In 2020, an article shows him as a SGT (E-5) in the New York National Guard, and a 2021 article has him listed as an SSG (E-6) in the New York National Guard.

5. Where in the hell did you come up with Psychological Operations? You just came up with that one all on your own. That must be because you figured that he was in the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion out of Tonawanda, that he must be in Psychological warfare since that unit moved to Puerto Rico and became the 402nd United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (which is Airborne). That is a little bit of a stretch, don’t you think? And the FAN and FANB name taps, aren’t in the video, but they do support the Bolivarian Militia theory. That isn’t in the video either.

6. The rank of the Bolivarian Militia on the left that you first zoom in on is clearly three down and maybe one up, which is an SNCO in the Army or Militia and since the video is actually the Bolivarian Militia, then he is an SCNO in the militia. If you have the video translated, they talk about the Bolivarian Militia in the Venezuela Military

7. Yes, there has been an election in which Nicolás Maduro “won”, but it is still being disputed even today.

8. ‘a dictator, yeah this doesn’t seem like it’s being pushed….’. Well, internationally and internally he is considered a dictator, sorry to inform you.

9. ‘oh it is psychological warfare…’, Uhm, he is referring to the video being psychological warfare, which is what propaganda videos are.

10. ‘it reeks of propaganda..’, well it is a propaganda video

11. ‘it’s a small country, this isn’t the middle of the desert’, I’m not sure what the size of a country has to do with hand-to-hand combat with fixed bayonets. I’m as dumbfounded as you are by your comment.

12. ‘this is so ridiculous, just absolutely ridiculous, it’s mind-boggling’, yes and that is his point, the video of the Venezuela Military is ridiculous

13. ‘you can find actual Venezuelan military videos online, like the one above?

14. ‘you mean the ones we know in fact that CNN and others have made…’, Uhm, yep, those videos, they are as lame as this one is.

15. ‘that just shows that you only served in the middle east, ’cause this place like Venezuelan is like Louisiana where it is humid and this keeps the heat away, the mosquitos off and it also decreases any shadows and stuff like that…’, WTF, are you rambling on about. I’m 20 minutes into this waste of time. What does Louisiana have to do with any of this? Face paint, regardless of how it is applied will NOT keep the heat away (it will actually make you hotter), it only keeps the mosquitos off the parts that are painted, and properly applied face paint will keep actually camouflages someone’s face.

16. ‘so if you are in jungle warfare that is how your face would look’, For reference on how to apply camo face paint, you can follow this guide or the video below. If you are curious about how camo faces paint works, then here is a great guide. BTW, none of these references say to go all black-face.

17. I was going to let this stupid reaction video just go on by, but when she had the balls to say ‘to get your sons and daughters, your brother your sister, let’s be honest, it is mainly only guys that get killed, killed’, alright that statement has crossed the line. I’m sure that from 2001-mid-2020, there have been at least 173 confirmed female service members who have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, count in your little make-believe world? I’m sure that their brothers, sister, mothers, fathers, spouses, and children, will beg to differ with you. You are some kind of work to think that what you have to say to your 30,000 followers matters. I’m sure many of them are guys just to see your breasts that you keep flaunting.

18. ‘if you actually cared about your brothers and sisters in arms, you wouldn’t be doing this bull shit…’, this is the exact reason why he has his channel, the same way you have your channel. And once again he is NOT a recruiter.

19. ‘you can see his collar, and it’s Peru, that this guy has two stars and looks like he’s 24…’, well, well, well, genius, first of all, Peru doesn’t have a single star in their entire rank structure, they have these cluster things that look like the sun, but, no stars, so there goes your BS story about this being Peru, second, if you look up the Bolivarian Militia of Venezuela (which is who they guys likely are), you will see that they have the 3 down and one up rank insignia for the guy on the far left, and the guy in the center, you know the 24-year old, they have that rank as a junior officer.

20. ‘Oh My Gosh, the propaganda can’t get any worse, although it is kind of good as it is easy to call out, the bad thing is that it is these types of videos that get all the views, not mine, where I’m showing the evidence that it’s complete bullshit’, Ok, so this evidence, where is it, you don’t provide a single source, not one, and you just randomly toss in things that aren’t true, but support your narrative, like “recruiter”, “Peru”, “Camo” and so on. You are so full of crap and you know it. BTW, you just showed your real reason for this video was to get views and nothing more with your whining about ‘videos that get all the views, not mine‘ comment

At this point, I’m done with this video, she goes on to make attack after attack on Angry Cop videos. But for the record:

  • Angry Cop has over 1 million followers, and Jennifer La Fontaine has 30K
  • Angry Cop’s reaction video of the ‘Venezuela Military tries to scare US Marines’ has over 5 million views and Jennifer La Fontaine’s reaction video has just over 5k
  • I think the numbers and the facts speak for themselves

*** Just to set the record straight, I do not personally know any of the people I’m mentioning in this post, and I don’t endorse any of them either ***

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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