This, Right Here, Is What Is Wrong With America

High School Graduation - Private Postma
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This, Right Here, Is What Is Wrong With America

I’m so tired of all these schools and businesses, making stupid rules like this one here. Seriously, this young Marine, who is proud of his accomplishments, and he should be proud, can’t show his pride because of some asshat.

This young man (Brandon Postma), joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old and then wanted to wear his uniform at graduation and was told no. Now you know that the board member(s) who said no, were someone who is an underachiever and is simply jealous, and they are in a position of authority. I really hate asshats like that, this is just pure BS. This is the same thing as a homeowner association telling someone that they can’t fly the Marine Corps flag in their front yard.

We once lived in a HOA where the rule was trash cans needed to be behind the back fence at 4 p.m.. Okay, I get it, but when the HOA enforcers sit in their car at the front of the neighborhood, waiting for 4 o’clock so they can start writing tickets. Well, I’m sorry, I have a job and I don’t get home until 5 p.m. and sure enough, they wrote me and all of my neighbors’ tickets. I mean maybe one house in ten would not receive a violation for their trash cans. Or the military housing inspector who actually measured the grass with a ruler and wrote violations if it was over 3″ tall. Well, first of all, 3″ isn’t very tall for grass, and second of all, I’m sure you could push that yardstick in and 1/8th of an inch on any lawn if you wanted to be a bitch, and she was known all through base housing for being a bitch.

The rules for the trash cans or the grass were written, not so you could bust everyone, but when you had a real violator, you had a standard to measure them by. You know the guy who last mowed his lawn in 1985 or the guy who leaves his trash cans out all week long.

Just let the young Marine wear his damn uniform at his graduation, it isn’t like he is asking to wear a thong or something.

If you are curious, this is actually very common. There are countless stories of high schools that refuse to allow Marines to wear their uniform for graduation. These Marines graduated early and then attended boot camp. Some have been lucky and were allowed to wear a Marine Corps Stole for their high school graduation. It is really sad that these schools can’t support these Marines. And when asked why a Marine can’t wear his or her uniform for their graduation, the excuse is usually something like, we didn’t want to make the other students look bad. That is just pure BS!


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