The Army Brings Back ‘Be All You Can Be’

Army - Be All You Can Be

The Army Brings Back 'Be All You Can Be'

It seems that the U.S. Army thinks that bringing back “Be All You Can Be” will help with their recruitment problems. I have to say that the commercials are top quality and motivational and Jonathan Majors was a smart choice as who to use to narriate the commercials. But I have already Been All I Can Be, I’m a Marine!

The Army (along with all the other branches of the armed forces, except the Marine Corps and the Space Force), are behind in their recruitment numbers for 2022 and currently behind in 2023. 

The Army was 15k, the Navy was 2.5k, the Air Force was 2k, and the Coast Guard was 1k short in FY22. 

The U.S. Armed Forces are facing major challenges when trying to recruit today’s youth, including:

  • 50% of youth admit knowing little to nothing about the military
  • 71% of youth don’t qualify for service
  • Only 1% of the United States population currently serves

But I understand that not everyone can be a Marine, and I’m not going to mouth off to anyone that has the stones to join any of the U.S. Armed forces, yes, even you Coast Guard.

If you ask me why the Marine Corps and Space Force numbers are good in FY22, is because most Marines, wanted to be a Marine when they were younger. The Marine Corps is a calling for many of us. The Space Force only has 8,600 members and many of them came from the Air Force

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