Sir, Yes Sir!- Marine Corps Going Woke

Sgt Taliano
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Sir, Yes Sir!- Marine Corps Going Woke

Get a load of this nonsense! The Marine Corps decided to ask for a $2 million study by the University of Pittsburgh. This study outlines items that the Corps should do away with in this uber “Wokeworld we live in. I swear people will look back on this time and just laugh, but I move on.

This 738-page study states that the Corps should stop saying Sir or Ma’am when addressing senior members in order to avoid misgendering and offending them.

I can’t believe all this BS, I’m glad I got out when I did (24 years ago). Never in my 10-plus years in the Corps have I ever had a doubt about the gender of an individual in the military. But then again, I was in during a totally different time.

You mark my word, there will be good Marines who are NJPd because they called someone the incorrect gender. But I guess that is no different from the 90s when good Marines got forced out for getting laid, or in the 2000s when they were forced out for tattoos. 

Dare I say it, but I think the Corps is getting soft.

And not this isn’t a fake story, like the Duffle Blog.


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