Sailor indicted for Cyberstalking

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Sailor indicted for Cyberstalking

This one bothers me on several levels. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, 36-year-old, Coronado-based (Naval Air Station North Island) Navy sailor (assigned to Beachmaster Unit 1), Sergio Reinaldo Williams pleaded guilty to cyberstalking a woman, including posting sexually explicit videos of her on a pornography website. He also admitted to sending harassing and intimidating messages to the woman and some of her family members, including messages that contained screenshots of the videos he’d uploaded, according to his plea agreement.

This incident occurred in October of 2020, between Williams and a woman who I will refer to as ‘Victim’. It is not released how Williams knew ‘Victim’, but based on the events, it sounds like they had some sort of a sexual relationship, and Williams is a scorned lover.

It all started when Williams’ sent a Facebook message to the niece of ‘Victim’, the message contained several photos of the victim, who is a civilian.

The body of the Facebook read “This is who (‘Victim’) stayed with, and this is who she has been fucking and sucking all weekend,” he also wrote, “…the whole world will know…”. It appears that he also messaged ‘Victim’ as well that same day, “I felt your pain, now you’re going to feel mine,” and “You will remember me no matter what.” It appears he also messaged ‘Victim’s’ estranged husband, with the warning “there’s more coming”. This is when ‘Victim’ blocked Williams on Social Media.

The next day he messaged ‘Victim’, “I’m always around and my eyes are everywhere,”.

The following day he registered for a account and uploaded two explicit videos of ‘Victim’, one which contained her Instagram username and hometown in the title (without her knowledge or consent), and messaged ‘Victim’s’ son via Instagram, “Betrayal,”  “So in this case, mommy dearest learned the hard way…let’s just say the whole world knows now just who (your mom) is, literally.”. He also messaged the son, “it only gets hotter and hotter,” and that he would not yet “take my foot off the gas.”

He also sent screen grabs of the Pornhub videos to Victim A’s niece and made a proposition to ‘Victim A’, “U want it over with and this fades away, unblock me and video me,”, “Video me,” Williams warned her. “It will only get worse if you don’t.”.

First of all, just a little creepy, right? Second, dude, it’s over, move the hell on.

Those who have experienced cyberstalking by an active duty service member are urged to contact the following anonymous tip lines:  (Navy and Marines), (Army), and (Air Force), or call the Department of Defense Hotline at (800) 424-9098. Victims of cyberstalking by non-active duty members should contact local law enforcement or their FBI or HSI field office.


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