Austen Alexander Tried US Marine Corps Martial Arts

Youtuber and Navy veteran Austen Alexander, Marines Marital Arts

Austen Alexander Tried U.S. Marine Corps Martial Arts

This is from Austen Alexander’s YouTube channel. Austen Alexander is a U.S. Navy veteran driven by fitness and challenging others to come out of their comfort zone. His content revolves around fitness, mainly with other people, as well as doing challenges in sports. His channel is most recognized for giving influencers and celebrities a dose of military training and challenging them to give it their best shot.

This is hand-to-hand combat used to train U.S. Marines in fighting tactics (MCMAP). PO2 Austen Alexander is getting schooled by Marines SSgt Yepes, SSgt Giera, Sgt Thigpen, Sgt Rios, Lcpl Romero & Lcpl Gogan. Videography is done by Marine SSgt Gallatron

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