Are You Serious – Army Fat Camp

Army Fat Camp
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Are You Serious - Army Fat Camp

I understand why the Army had to resort to this and to be honest, it actually makes sense, it is just so sad that we had to resort to this. The real problem is that until the U.S. Military can come up with ways for this new generation of kids to be able to do much of their military jobs from sitting in a chair with a phone in their hands, then they will struggle with getting new recruits.

I don’t claim to understand this new generation, in fact, I’m totally baffled, but I do have two adult children (one is 29 and the other is 21). The youngest is the closest to this generational issue and I do have problems sometimes trying to understand her thought process. She isn’t glued to her phone like many of these young adults are today, but still, she is in this generation.

My ultimate question right now about today’s younger military population, is are they walking around with their heads in their mobile devices while on active duty?

I personally, don’t use my smartphone for what it is really designed to do. I mean, yeah, I make phone calls on it, play music, take photos, navigate, and get online with it, but I work in an environment where I can not take my phone, so it sits in my car all day long. When I go get to use it, it is at home and usually sits on my desk, as I’m at home and I don’t need to carry it around all the time. I’m from the school and if it is important, and you call, you will leave a message. I’m also from school, where I don’t spend all my time on my mobile device sending endless text messages.

To be honest, I don’t have that much to say, so I just don’t say it. But back to fat camp and today’s younger population.

I’m happy to see that the program is working for the Army, but I wonder how many are not joining the military because they can’t make the cut. I mean the Army is offering insane sign-on bonuses, and they have reduced the entrance requirements.

A $50,000 bonus, are you fucking serious? That is twice what a new soldier will make a year. Along with lowered standards for height and weight as well as lower ASVAB scores, you can be a big fat dumb rock and still get into the Army now, and get paid $50K to join up for three freaking years.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, as the Army (along with the Air Force and Navy) are really hurting to make their recruitment numbers. The Marine Corps and Space Force are not hurting so much, as the Space Force numbers are locked in for now, with no growth and the Marine Corps get a different type of person to join. Many of those that join the Marines have wanted to join the Corps for many years, it is a calling for them like it was for me. I was about 9 years old when I saw a Marine Corps commercial and the next day a poster (the We Never Promised You a Rose Garden poster) the next day and that was it for me. Later I saw a few movies here and there, but that only solidified it for me.

The Corps doesn’t get a ton of those that decided I’m going to go door to door at the recruiter’s offices and see who will take me. Generally, those that ultimately join the Corps either had the calling or they are joining with friends.

It isn’t just the Army that has been lowering their standards, all the services have lowered their scores, with the Air Force being a 36, the Army and Marine Corps being a 31 and the Navy being a 35. Keep in mind that the scores do not represent the entire force, such as the Marine Corps, you had to score high test results in order to get into the intelligence MOSs like SIGINT and ELINT, which I was in for 10 years.

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