Virtual Private Network – VPN

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Virtual Private Network - VPN

I have done a bunch of research on this topic and of course like any subject, this is just my observations and thoughts on this subject. I’m a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist so that surely helps to drive my need for privacy, but all that is for another post in the distant future. I have been using VPNs from a variety of resources for many years, but recently I have been exclusively using NordVPN and I’m loving it.

As an IT professional, I often test products and provide reviews, but with NordVPN, it was strictly a personal choice.

I love the fact that I have a secure connection at home and when I’m on travel helping me to ensure that my data connections are secure. The one thing I like the most about NordVPN is that there isn’t a huge performance hit like I have noticed with other similar products. One of the other great things about NordVPN is that I can select what location I would like the distant end of the VPN to be connected which allows me to get around country restrictions like those imposed by Netflix.

So what exactly is a VPN?

For our purposes, we will explain it as an encrypted network connection from your computer to a remote computer or server. In the case that I’m using it, I’m connecting from my computer to a remote computer and using that remote computer as my Internet IP address. So let’s say that my computer’s IP address is (yes, I know that isn’t a route-able address) and I want to hide my IP address say from Netflix, then I can use a VPN to connect to a remote computer via an encrypted point-to-point tunnel. Let’s say that the address of the remote computer is and that computer is in a country where I can view Netflix, then Netflix would see my address as and not, thus allowing me to connect to Netflix.

Now, this has many applications beyond Netflix, it could potentially make your banking more secure when you travel, your access to Wi-Fi in an Internet Café more secure, and so on. Think of it as not only connecting to a remote server but the above cases, the connection to that remote computer is encrypted, so this means that your connection at the Internet Café would be securely encrypted and thus

*** This is my personal review of NordVPN, I do not get paid by NordVPN by any means ***

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