Anonymous Hacking Russian TV

Guy Fawkes - Anonymous
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Anonymous Hacking Russian TV

As an update to my anonymous hacking Russian post, it appears that they also hacked Russian state TV broadcasts to show footage from Ukraine and the war.

If you did not know, Russia is one of those countries (many countries in the world operate this way), where the news agencies are run by the state (the Government). This allows the Government to control the message that is being sent to the public. If they can control the message and the narrative, then they do not have to worry about something being said that goes against their agenda.

That is the very reason why we have all this “Fake News” crap, as it is an attempt to make the MSM actually report and run under the Government. Maybe not state-run, but at least, they would control or oversee the message and narrative. Many stations are unofficially operating that way currently, as they subscribe to the same sources. However, more on that in another post.

This post is about Anonymous jacking the Russian state media and how they took over the state TV to broadcast the real war. It appears that the Kremlin lied to the Russian soldiers. Many were told that it was an exercise, and others were told that they were liberating the Ukrainians from the Nazis (yep, the Nazis).

And part of me feels for the Russian soldiers, as they were blindly misguided, were not given supplies like food and fuel, and then the corpses of their fallen comrades are left in the streets to rot, there were just left behind.

Once again, this post is about Anonymous. And Anonymous is trying to spread the real story to the Russian people, Here is anonymous’s message to Putin.

Again, I guess the message is, do not mess with Anonymous

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