Here We Go Again

POS Gabrielle Beutler

Here We Go Again

It appears that there must be a book out there titled “How To Steal Money From Veterans“, I recently posted about a whack-job who managed to steal over $250K from veterans, by pretending to be one herself. This time is 31-year-old Gabrielle Beutler who like Sarah Cavanaugh, pretended to be a veteran, and found herself being selected to be the Post Commander for a VFW post (Post 5897 in Lavonia, Georgia).

This bag of nuts pretended to be a veteran (U.S. Air Force) and manufactured fake documents that let her purchase Purple Heart license plates. She also forged a fake DD-214 (U.S. Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty).
The fantasy story that she fabricated for herself, included a fake injury to her left side, supposedly caused by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. She claimed that he daughter had cancer and she was raising funds to help offset related medical expenses. It appears that this story was also made up.
Not only did she serve as the VFW post commander, but she also served as the District Third Year Trustee and the state Natural Disaster Relief Chairwoman, and was on the national organization’s (VFW) legislation committee.
The full extent of her scam is not known and hasn’t been made public yet as this is still an active investigation. However, she did have at least one GoFundMe page set up for her, which has since been closed and had somewhere around $1,650 in donations (as of August 23, 2022). She has also raised at least $4,500 at one VFW event, plus at least $2,000 in private donations.
Currently, she is being held on a $50k bond with two counts of manufacturing, selling, or distributing false identification documents and two counts of false representation as a veteran.
There must be a special place in hell for these con artists
Update: This fuck head is also now charged with child cruelty, the more I learn about her, the more I hate her.

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