Spotsylvania School Board Should Be Ashamed

spotsylvania school board

Spotsylvania School Board Should Be Ashamed

The Spotsylvania School Board should be ashamed of themselves. This meeting is a total joke and Mr. Twigg should be replaced immediately. I don’t care what his qualifications are, he is a joke, he can’t lead and it shows. This is no way to run a board meeting.

I’m fairly certain that they follow Robert’s Rules of Order, and this meeting is breaking so many of the rules that it isn’t funny. Mr. Twigg is on a major power trip and it needs to stop and he needs to grow up and have the interest of the students, teachers and staff of the schools and not political grandstanding. 

I guess if you don’t want to actually hear what others have to say, you just order them to be removed by the police (sorry Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Department), for having to deal with this shit show). BTW, I want to thank the Deputies for their professionalism when dealing with this. And if you don’t want to have them removed, just call for a recess right in the middle of a point of order. Talking over people who are talking, is a total show of disrespect.

I firmly believe that Mr. Twigg needs to be removed right now and if I was talking and he stood up in my 3 minutes and points his finger at me, I will have some words to say to this asshole and I will make it my life’s mission to unseat this POS.

This meeting, which lasted over 6 hours, is all to discuss Spotsylvania School Board Chair Kirk Twigg, wanting to have a friend of his, Mr. Mark Taylor, be “the final candidate for the superintendent position.

Thank you to the Spotsylvania School Board member, Ms. Dawn Shelley, (in my district actually) for defending each citizen’s rights, at least at this meeting. 

WJLA 7 News article with video about this meeting
Free-Lance Star

Update: I applaud the Spotsylvania County Sheriff for standing up and protecting your deputies and no longer subjecting them to the no-win situation they were placed in. I felt very much for the deputies that had to repeatedly remove parents from the board meeting, only because the chair of the board asked them to. I know that as parents, these deputies would have loved to have removed the weasel, Kirk Twigg.

Below is a letter that the Sheriff (Roger L. Harris Sheriff) sent to the school board as a result of this meeting in this post.

Letter sent to school board, by Spotsylvania Sheriff

Mr. Twigg, if you want to have a real discussion about the condition of the county’s schools and the interaction between teacher/student, and the day-to-day items that you should be focusing on, instead of getting your friend a job, then hit me up. I’m always willing to a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Here is the local newspaper article about the above letter that resulted from the above school board meeting.

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