TikTok and YouTube Bashing

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TikTok and YouTube Bashing

I watched this disturbing video the other day of some YouTuber/TikToker (Chud Logic), who has a legion of blind followers who all think that he is the greatest. The entire focus of the video is to bust on this other YouTuber/TikToker (Odins Men) and not how you think. In fact, the video opens with him making fun of his name and the way he looks. Then he makes fun of everything he comments on in the video.

***DISCLAIMER*** I’m very likely in the same categories as Odins Men, I’m 54 years old and a Marine Corps veteran.

Now both are from Live Streams (when the YouTuber, goes live and rambles for some period of time about something that they feel is worth rambling on about, all while asking for donations), with Odins Men being recorded and being played back and with Chud Logic being a live stream. By the way, if you were curious, it appears that neither made any money on their respective live stream.

What pisses me off is that the 18-20 something YouTuber who is the instigator of all this, is just bashing the hell out of this guy, just to make money off of his Social Media. Periodically begs for money, if you like what he is doing, please donate.

A little background here, ‘Odins Men’ is the same person that does the ‘Jamesons Travels‘ channel, and is in real life 51-year-old (That makes him a Gen-X) Jameson REDACTED who is a CPA from Sarasota Florida, and a Marine Corps veteran.

Chud Logic (Chud Logic Media) is some 30-something from the United Kingdom. Chud Logic describes himself as a “Z List Political Streamer And Very Serious Person” or “Z List Drama Farmer And Very Serious Person” or “a professional Leftist Twitch streamer & YouTuber” and operates Chud Logic Media and seems to enjoy mocking people.

The video in question is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyFu6RZdSTw titled “Ex-Marine Boomer ‘Odin’s Men’ Fails To Understand Zoomer Humour“. The title alone shows his ignorance calling Jameson an “Ex-Marine” instead of a Marine Veteran, and calling him a Boomer, which is usually used to describe Baby Boomers, which would usually be from around 1946-1960, and Jameson is 51 years old, so he would be born in the early ’70s. The title alone is nothing to be disturbed about and innocent enough, but the opening seconds of the video will explain more.

“This is great ‘Odens Men’, ‘Odens Men’, {chuckling}, what is this? Nothing Micro Here Microagression Fantasy (referring to a title of a video on Odins Men’s YouTube channel), SJWs eat their Own (referring to another video), YouTube recommendations to a virgin (another video) {Chud Logic is laughing} Manspreading (a fourth video title), hey it is the year of our lord 2020, it’s nearly 2021 and Odins Mens released a video about Manspreading, let’s get into some of these, let’s get into some of this stuff, what is this {clicking on a video titled – TikTok Finest SIMPING (Simp Test)}? {For those who aren’t aware, manspreading is the selfish practice whereby a man, especially one traveling on public transportation, adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat or seats.

I’m not sure why being 2020 almost 2021, has anything to do with manspreading. It isn’t something new, it has been going on for many years but never came to light until social media started to become more popular.

***DISCLAIMER***Personally I find manspreading to be childish and selfish, but if that is what someone wants to do, then do you and just leave me the hell alone.


The video opens with Jameson on screen, talking in to his microphone and Chud Logic, exclaims, “whoa, who is this dude?” The TikTok video that Jameson is talking about is something called ‘Simping’ (Simping involves giving too much attention and affection — whether through gifts, compliments, or acts of service — as a way of seeking validation from someone else.), posted by brockmurray

In the above video, these guys wearing black shirts with ‘SIMING Patrol’ on them, walk up to a guy who is with his girlfriend and ask him why he is with her and not with the boys. The whole premise is stupid, but I’m not from that generation and apparently, that generation thinks it is funny as shit.

After making fun of his name and how he looks, he starts in on his channel and what he is doing. Now he is showing his opinion on some TikTok videos that he finds silly and I would have to agree with him. But the maker of the video and the person who is busting on him must think that the video is funny. But again, he is not allowed to have his opinion apparently. The video goes on and on and the comments in the chat window are getting more and more disturbing, calling for death and similar comments. So they want to kill someone because his opinion is different than your opinion as if your opinion is the only possible opinion that is out there. And this is where this sense of entitlement starts to get really disturbing. Today, it is them bashing someone on YouTube, and tomorrow it is beating up someone and the next day they are killing people who have a different opinion. And here my friends is where we have a major problem. So one of these people gets elected into a political position and we start to have a dictator who simply calls for his legion of blind followers to act in violent ways to achieve his goals.

In Jameson’s video, he states that he is sure that it is a skit and Chud Logic calls it a “dump TikTok video”, but that doesn’t stop him from making fun of him for money (to disclaim, Odins Men is also begging for money on his video).

The chat thread is reading like “ignorance deserves to be constantly mocked”, “Boomer”, “Boomer AF”, “Dad? Get off the computer please” and “Oh god what is this cringe I walked into this week on this old boomer”.

What I find so strange, is that there is nothing cringy about Odins’ comments (cringe being defined as “causing feelings of acute embarrassment or awkwardness”), Jameson is not a Boomer, and why can’t “dad” be on the computer, doesn’t he have the right to use the computer, internet, and power that he is paying for?

Back to the video breakdown; Jameson states, “Can you imagine if the Simping” {Chud Logic pauses the video and states, that it was just a dumb TikTok video and then restarts the video} “patrol came up, now I”m sure it’s a skit right, it’s gotta be, cause those guys would get the big fat one {holding up a fist} in their lip if they tried to shit with me” {laughing}

Of course, Chud Logic makes fun of that statement, then tries to say that Odin’s Men meant he would kiss them and then the stupidity goes on and on.

I’ll stop breaking this down here, you get the idea. The video runs just shy of 30 minutes and is all the same crap repeated over and over. And I’ll be the first to state that Chud Logic has all the right in the world to make videos and to have his opinion, but it looks like Odins Men isn’t allowed those rights. And for the record, if some guys dressed like that came up to me and my wife and started to spew shit out their mouths like in the video, I would certainly have some choice words to say to them, and like Jameson, I might have to resort to violence. Keep in mind, Marines are trained to be violent, that is what you want in war, You don’t want someone to be passive. Though most of us will do everything we can to avoid violence as it isn’t something we like, or who we are, it is just how we were trained.

The problem with this is that there is an entire generation out there that thinks that their particular opinion is the correct opinion and the only opinion that anyone should have and if you dare to have a different view on things, then you are open for all sorts of abuse to include physical violence which we have all read about online.

I’ll use the analogy that the color of white (hexadecimal code of #FFFFFF, in case there are any disputes), is not really white, but it is a very light yellow. And on the other side of the coin, the other person believes that the color white is white and void of color and is represented by the hexadecimal code of #FFFFFF and that maybe the yellow that they are seeing is actually something that is being reflected by the white since white is highly reflective.

Now the side of the coin that believes that white is actually yellow will insist that they are 100% accurate and that there can not be any other way of looking at it and if you don’t believe their point of view, then they are going to slap a label on your and then start a campaign to smear you for your belief.

This is happening with Gender right now. There are only two genders, XX and XY, or male and female. That is supported by all sorts of science. I personally support that theory and I’m also willing to support that they may have a different way of looking at it and that is fine, they can believe that there are 100 different genders, and if they want to believe that they are a tree frog, I’m fine with that, you do you and leave me to do me. Your view on gender is a social construct, and not based on science. But instead, they will call me a racist, homophobe, and any other term that they can label me with. Nope, I’m not racist and race has zero to do with gender. Nope, not homophobe either, You do you and let me do me, I don’t have to do you, there is no requirement or reason for me to be like you. I have never said that I believe that being homosexual means that you should die, or that you should be hated, if I said those things, then I might very well be a homophobe. In fact, homophobe is defined as “a person with a dislike of or prejudice against gay people.” and neither of those two things was brought up or implied by my comment. I don’t run away from homosexual people either, so nope, I’m not a homophobe and you have no valid data to prove that either. How about you do you and let me do me.

The thing that bugs me about your view of gender is that you are bending the rules of science to fit your beliefs. Political commentator Matt Walsh put it best when he stated regarding a question from a trans-EMT “If you are responding a health emergency, biological male, somebody with a penis, is a, is having a medical emergency, and they say to you, um, I think I’m having a miscarriage, would you, would you check them to see if they are having a mis.., would you consider that a possibility for them?” 

I once had someone complain that they were offended by me flying my Marine Corps flag, something that I fought for, for 10 years of my life I gave everything up including my life to my country. I earned the right to fly my flag, I went to 3 plus months of training and then countless hours of follow-up training courses and sessions, working 24 hours a day, including nights, weekends, and holidays, so I earned the right to fly my flag.

But if I complained about your rainbow flag, rainbow shutters, and rainbow-wrapped mailbox, then I’m a homophobe. No one asked me why I complained and no one cared why, because my why, will possibly destroy their narrative, maybe I simply find all those colors on the side of a house to be tacky and they might bring down my property value but don’t ask me, just assume and label me as a ‘homophobe‘. Furthermore, you being homosexual and flying the rainbow flag are choices, that you choose, not anything that you earned. I let you fly your flag, because that is your right, just like flying my flag is my right.

But it seems that whatever you want to believe in, I have to believe in as well. You are allowed to have your own opinions, but I’m not required to believe your opinions. But if I don’t believe in your opinions, then you label me and try to shame me.

Rainbow painted house

We need to stop the labels, stop the name calling and actually have adult conversations so both sides can understand where the other side is coming from. I have often told my daughter when she was a teen, that it isn’t that I’m not against just about everyone in your generation having to be gay or bi-sexual, I just don’t understand it, help me understand why.

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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