Adam and the Metal Hawks

Adam and the Metal Hawks
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Adam and the Metal Hawks

Adam Ezegelian and The Metal Hawks, combined to form a new in 2019 called Adam and the Metal Hawks. You might have heard of Adam before, as he had been on the 14th season of American Idol in 2015, and you likely have heard of the Metal Hawks on TikTok (amhband), YouTube (AMH), and Facebook (amhband) and laughed at one of the humorous music videos. Adam’s stage presence is larger than life, as Adam has said, we are just regular people having fun with music!

The Band

Adam and the Metal Hawks (website) is an American hard rock band consisting of Adam Ezegelian on vocals, Johnny Barry on guitar, Ryan Daversa on base, and Griffin McCarthy on drums (some videos may feature Alex Hertler on drums), who joined the band on their Canadian tour in early 2022. They have really made a name for themselves on Social Media, with their videos of cover songs featuring Johnny and Ryan wearing blue bowls on their heads, Adam singing as he and Griffin use water bottles as drumsticks. All that combined with Adam’s zanny facial expressions and his powerful vocals make them hard to forget.

The band is quickly becoming a viral sensation bringing rock music back to the mainstream. And to top it off, they aren’t just a cover band, they have several great songs that they wrote themselves. They released their debut album (Adam and the Metal Hawks) on the 17th of April 2020 under their record label, illogical Records. The band is expected to release its second album sometime this year (2022). They have a huge following due to their creativity and huge presence.

Adam Ezegelian on American Idol! (I Want You Back) - 2015 Top 12 Guys

Some of you Pokémon may also know Adam from Television, as he has voiced numerous characters on several Pokémon episodes as well Apollo’s Tall Tales and Pixi Saves Christmas (IMDB page)

Bad Guy - Cover
Long Die Rock

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