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Left, Left, Left, Right, Left

I personally don’t care if you lean left or right, hell, you can lean forward or backward for all I care, but it is starting to get uncomfortable. We have what some claim as “Firey, but mostly peaceful” protests, we have unauthorized access to Federal buildings like the Capitol. We have some rather disturbing flags and banners, and people getting a tattoo supporting their President. And now we have a really familiar-looking salute, that frankly, looks reminisce of the Nazi salute.
The Nazi salute and stating Heil Hitler started in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. It consisted of raising an outstretched right arm at a 45-degree angle, with the palm down. It was often accompanied by shouting “Heil Hitler” or “Sieg Heil.” Today sadly it is still being rendered by neo-Nazie and some white supremacy groups.
Nazi rally in New York City in 1939.
At a rally in Ohio this year (2022), President Trump fans rendered a very disturbing stiff-armed one-finger salute. I’m not sure what the salute means and stands for and I even voted for the man. But I voted for what I felt is best for the country, not because of how one speaks, how tall one is, what color of their skin is, and so on.
Trump rally in Ohio in 2022
Supposedly the salute stands for “America first”, but I personally find it very disturbing. Some have remarked on how close it resembles the raising of the hand to God.
Hand to God

And sure enough, some asshats even tried the whole “Heil Trump” statements. Here is National Policy Institute president Richard Spencer shouting, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

It seems that so many people are simply voting to keep the other guy from being President and not actually looking at what is best for the country.

Like I said I voted for the man, but you will NOT catch me doing either the salute or the chant. It kills me how gullible people really are. How many Presidential candidates ran stating that they will lower taxes? How many ran on universal healthcare? There are so many broken promises that it isn’t funny. So let’s go back a few election cycles to President George H.W. Bush in 1988, he promised “No New taxes”, you remember that speak “Read my lips, No new taxes”

President Bill Clinton, in 1992, promised a complete overhaul of the health care system to provide universal health care to all Americans. And we all know how that turned out, don’t we? 

Play Video about President Clinton

You know the guy that lied to the citizens of the United States and lied under oath about an affair with Monica Lewinsky. An affair that we the citizens of the United States, didn’t care about, we could care less about the President getting sexual favors from a willing adult intern, while in the Oval Office. Yet, he lied about it under oath.

Play Video about Clinton Affair Speech

Then we had President George W. Bush (2000) promise to reduce government spending, to privatize Social Security. During his terms in office, government spending skyrocketed. You can read more in-depth about his broken promises.

Then came President Barack Obama (2008), who kept 48% of his promises, including closing the partisan divide in Washington. In fact, when he left office, the country was more split than ever.  You can read more in-depth about his broken promises.

Then came President Donald Trump (2017), who kept around 35% of his promises. You can read more in-depth about his broken promises.

This goes to prove that they are all lying about something and we the people fall for it every time.

I mean, how many years have we been voting for healthcare reform? At least since President Clinton, in 1992. That means 30 or more years, they have been lying to use about the same topic. Hell if you do some research you will see that he even tried to do something about immigration.

Again, nearly 30 years of the same thing. Maybe we need to ask ourselves, why hasn’t anything changed?

If we stopped, took our emotions out of the damn picture, spent a few minutes doing our own research, and didn’t vote out of anger, we might be a stronger country for it.

Don’t worry, it isn’t just supporters of President Trump that were using the modified Nazi salute, both sides were. Strange that the Nazi salute is just a modified “hand to god”.

Supposed Biden Supporters

It’s all a little too much like cults to me, and I’m not drinking any damn Kool-Aid!

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