Walmart Buyer Beware


Walmart Buyer Beware

A long-time scam is when an unaware buyer buys products from a large retail website such as, like many large e-commerce websites, allow third-party sellers to sell items on their website. Most consumers think that they are ordering directly from Walmart, when they are actually ordering a product from a third party. The problem occurs when the third-party seller is not honest. Here is a little scenario that some people have stated happened to them.

Let’s say that you ordered a $400 piece of jewelry from, in a few days or weeks you get a box that contains something cheap, like a ballpoint pen, you find it strange, but don’t think much of it. A little more time passes and your jewelry never arrived, so you call They state that it was shipped and delivered and they give you a tracking number. You just so happen to still have the box that contained the ballpoint pen and you look at it and it has the same tracking number that stated was your Jewelry.

Here is the bad part of the scam, since you received the pen, you will have a difficult time proving to Walmart that you didn’t get the jewelry as the tracking number indicates that it was indeed delivered. Your next avenue is to try your credit card company and again, you struggle to prove that the box that was supposed to contain your jewelry was just a cheap ballpoint pen instead. Your next avenue is to try to reach the seller, who has since closed up shop and started a new company that is once again reselling under

Some people are also reporting that they will receive a box that contains jewelry, but it is fake and not real gold or real gemstones as the website claimed. And if the company hasn’t closed up yet, they are located in China and you will have a very difficult time launching a valid complaint.

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