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I used to work with this person, who I’m sure has had a half-dozen heart attacks by now, this guy was intense and I mean intense. If you thought Charlie Sheen was bad about Winning, he has nothing on Brian. Brian was the most intense person I have ever been around with. Once we were carpooling to Northern Virginia for training and every single car this guy would pass, he would call them a loser and
basically congratulate himself for passing each car. When we made it to the exit ramp, he was smarting off to all the cars behind them because he won the race. I’m not even sure the other drivers had a clue it was a race.

When we were taking our tests at the end of the course, he scored better on one test and made a big production about it, because he “crushed” me on the test (he beat me by one single point). For weeks every time he saw me, it was “what a loser” because he beat me on one single test out of eight.

We would play this online first-person shooter game and he would kill you and then stand over you and do this little dance. It truly was pathetic to watch, but this was his nature.

When we would leave work at the end of the day, it was his speed walking to his car, slamming it in gear to beat the rest of us out of the parking lot, and then when he did beat us, he would roll down his window and flip us all off.

It was sad to watch how intense this asshat was.

I left that cesspool and work at a job that I am so much happier at and I get along well with all my co-workers and best of all, no Brian.

Mia Haresonfyre

By Mia Haresonfyre

Greetings Earth People, I'm Mia and Joe is allowing me to post on his blog as a guest blogger, I sure hope he knows what he is in for. I wanted to post about some of my pet peeves and he told me that he already has a guest blogger for that section, so I'm going to post about etiquette. Now this isn't some stuffy how-to have a dinner party BS with a half dozen different forks, this is more along the lines of don't be an asshat type of etiquette. The dictionary describes etiquette as "the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.". I define it as, don't be that asshat that everyone hates.

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