I Like Big Butts

Elephant from behind

I Like Big Butts

Nope, I’m not promoting Sir Mix-A-Lot and Baby Got Back.

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I’m actually trying to figure out how all this twerking became a thing. How in the freaking world is it sexy. And why in the hell is it okay to stop on the Interstate and climb into your freaking car and start twerking. The below video was taken on a busy highway in Houston, Texas. As one redditer stated “2008 Ford Twerkus SHO

Keep It Classy Houston!

Sadly, this is not the first time that this has occurred as in 2019, in St. Louis, we have these two tweaking on the interstate.

So can someone please explain to me, how in the hell this is sexy? Twerking is 100 times worse that the stupid duck lips.

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