Smoke Rings

Mystery black smoke ring

Smoke Rings

I ran across something interesting while scrubbing the web and I ran across the below video and it interested me. Needed to find out if it was fake or not. This is something out of the X-Files or something. After watching the videos over and over, let me state that they are very convincing, but if they are fake, then someone is very talented. So I had to keep digging. And while digging around and I stumbled upon the below video. It appears to be a different smoke ring but in the same area of the world. Maybe it is the smoke monster from LOST.

Of course, like anything unknown, the internet blew up with all sorts of speculation, like maybe it is a portal to hell, or maybe witchcraft, and the most common explanation is that aliens are attacking.

LOST Smoke Monster

But the whole story is, the O-shaped ring was floating in the air for 15 minutes over the Kazkh village of Shortandy in 2015 (and this video is still making a stir today). This isn’t the only sighting of this smoke ring. 

In 2012, a ring was seen over the skies of Chicago.

In 2013, a similar ring was seen over the skies of Florida

In 2014, a smoke ring dubbed, the “Black Ring of Leamington Spa” was eventually traced to a fireworks test at nearby Warwick Castle. A castle spokesman said they had been trying out “fire effects” to go with the daily firing of the Trebuchet Fireball – a giant catapult.

2017, a ring-like these examples was witnessed over Yorkshire.

2018, over the skies of Moscow a similar smoke ring was seen.

2019, the darkest example of a smoke ring was seen over the skies of Montana.

2020 in Detroit Michigan, there was another black smoke ring floating over the city.

I found portable smoke ring generators, but the ring that they produce are too small. The portable devices are more of a vortex cannon, where you are forcing smoke through a round hole, and Bingo! But these are no where near the effect of the original video.

After exercising more Google foo, I found the below video on YouTube. According to the description, The electrical charge sparks the fuel mixture (used motor oil, diesel, and gasoline) which creates the giant smoke ring.

And along with that research, I found smaller versions as well.

The final explanation is that they were created by a pyrotechnic test, a transformer explosion, and even a diesel engine. 

What ever the causes, they are pretty damn exciting and interesting. 

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