Chuck E Cheese is like Fight Club

Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese is like Fight Club

Yep, I know the first rule of Fight Club, that is why I’m talking about Chuck E Cheese. Who knew that Chuck E Cheese is the place to go to get into a fight? I’m not sure if all these are isolated incidents or maybe a flash mob type of thing, but seriously.

This post started with me looking for details about the brawl that happened at the local Chuck E Cheese a couple of years back (Jan 2020). While doing that research, I discovered that it is far more common than I expected.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Miami, Florida

Amherst New York

Sharonville, Ohio

Mayfield Height, Ohio

Manchester, Conn

Beaumont, TX

Indianapolis, IN

Bradenton, FL

Charlotte, NC

Not Sure Where, USA

The Fredericksburg, VA Chuck E. Cheese is near where I live, it closed in late 2020 and reopened mid-2021.

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