A Date At The Movies

At The Movies
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A Date At The Movies

I really can’t seem to adjust to the concept that you plan ahead several days to weeks, in order to see a movie at the theaters. I mean, it appears that they are doing everything they can to lose business. First, you have to pay $10-15 to purchase the ticket (nearly double what it was in 2001), then you have snacks and drinks. If you want a drink and popcorn (for two), you can expect to fork over another $15-20.

Most theaters have upgraded their seating to the newer zero gravity recliners, so at least the seats are comfortable now, but you have to reserve a seat now and I just can’t adjust to that. I’m not accustomed to this, I’m too familiar with being spontaneous when my wife and I head to the movies.

A few weeks ago, we were going out for a date and we decided to go see a movie, as we haven’t been to a theater since the start of the pandemic. I did remember that we needed to reserve seats, and when I logged on to the app, all the seats were booked except for that row in the front that kills your neck and the motion gives you a headache. So we had to scrap that idea and instead, we did some window shopping and went out to a restaurant.

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