My First Dog – Yummy


My First Dog - Yummy

My first dog when I was growing up was a wired hair Chihuahua, that I got to pick the name of Yummy after some movie (so that is the story I was told). I remember Yummy being so fast and he loved to run, he was basically a very hyper dog. I remember my male parental unit sneaking him into the house around the time of Christmas, he had him in his winter coat pocket. Of course, the puppy snuck out and the rest was history.

We had Yummy for a few years before the neighbor murdered him while we were on vacation. We came home and the pet sitter said that Yummy is dead. We found him in the trash can. We honestly don’t know what happened, but his neck was broken and we suspected the neighbor. The neighbor’s German Shepard got loose a few months earlier and go hit by a car on the busy road in front of our house. The neighbor blamed me and my best friend for letting the dog “Shep” out and we were responsible for his death.

It was a very sad ending to a great little dog.

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