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BJ dog
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Beejee Weejee

Little BJWe adopted BJ (Beejee Weejee) in 2005 from the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter, my young daughter named him “Blacky Jones”, (one of our previous dogs was named “Casey Jones”, and BJ was black in color, so Blacky Jones or BJ for short). BJ was a Dachshund / Springer Spaniel mix, so he was low to the ground, hyper, and never grew up. He was a spaz from day one, but we loved that little dog.

Given the opportunity, he would run away or get into something he wasn’t supposed to. Now don’t get me wrong, he would be disciplined when he wanted to be and when it suited him, but the rest of the time, forget it. He loved his big sister, Casey, his cats, and his family. He developed a heart condition that Zeva actually helped diagnose (they were roughhousing and he fell sick suddenly, rushed to the vet, and found out he had a very leaky valve. We eventually passed from that condition after 12 fun years with us.
BJ "making it snow"

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