Goodbye Woodstock the Hen

Our Hen Woodstock
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Goodbye Woodstock the Hen

I’m sad to report that we lost the last of our original hens. This was Woodstock (‘Stock’ for short) and she got sick and we just couldn’t get her healthy again. We had brought her inside the house and she was living in a large dog cage when she passed away. We thought that we had managed to get her nursed back to health, I had looked in at her at midnight, and sometime between then and 1230 she passed away.

Our two remaining younger hens are really mourning her passing. They are just sitting in their coop, making this sad coo sound. They seem to also be afraid of the dark. So we are locking them up in their overnight coop earlier before it gets dark. Who would have thought that a hen would be scared of the dark?

We are working them through this, as they are only a year old, so they don’t have a ton of experience and Woodstock was more of a mother figure to them, instead of just another hen.

Rest in peace Ms. Stockbird, we miss you

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