People that are rude to waiters

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People that are rude to waiters

I think that this one is a real kick in the pants for me. I despise it when people are rude to their waiter when there is a problem with their food. It clearly shows that these people have no clue how a kitchen in a restaurant works. I worked in a restaurant kitchen for 3 years and I did everything from washing dishes, acting as the porter, preparing food, working the pantry, and even as a line cook, and a few times as an expediter.

Every person has their own little job to perform, it isn’t like your waiter or waitress do it all. They actually will submit your order and get it from the expediter. So if your steak isn’t cooked right, and you are lighting your waiter up for it, you are a total asshole. The waiter’s job is to take your order, keep your drinks full, and your table clean, and deliver your food and drinks, nothing more.

Let’s follow your steak through the kitchen so maybe your little brain can see how much of a tool you are when you belittle your waitress for a steak.

The steak will come in the back door of the kitchen and your porter (they may have another name for this person), will receive the order and put it away. Often the porter is also to inspect the quality of what is being delivered. The prep cook will be the one that prepares your steak, which might include trimming the fat, cutting to weight, and marinating it. Your line cook will take the raw steak and cook it on the grill. They have to monitor it to make sure that they cook it to the exact specifications that you requested. They don’t get to cut it open to check it (unless it is sent back). They have to be able to judge how well the steak is cooked by how it feels. There are some tricks to this, but that isn’t the purpose of this post. Once it is cooked, they will either plate it (put it on the plate) or pass it to the person who is responsible to plate it. The expediter is the one that tracks the food through the restaurant to make sure that all items come out together, this means that the steak and the chicken nuggets for little Johnny, come out and get platted at the same time or near the same time so they can all be hot and fresh and ready to serve.

The expediter calls the waiter’s name or table number and the waiter grabs the completed plates and delivers them to your table. Your waiter delivers all the food and you cut open your steak and shove it back to the waiter because you paid $9.95 for it and it better be exactly how you want it. Of course, you paid for it and it might not be to your liking, but you don’t need to be a jerk about it. Just hand it back to the waiter and ask for it to be cooked differently.

When you are nice, your waiter will take it back to the kitchen and the cook will cook it to how you wanted. If you are a jerk, you can almost guarantee, that the cook will hear about it and they will make your steak a little charcoal briquette.

The moral of the story is don’t be an asshole!

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