Mind the Gap

Keeping the Gap
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Mind the Gap

Another big driving annoyance of mine is how people seem to think that the 1-2 car length gap that you leave between you and the car in front of you, was specifically there for their use.

I’m sorry, I put that gap there intentionally so I would have time to break if the driver in front of me suddenly slammed on the breaks, and you being a total douche and “sliding” into that spot just because you are an asshole, only makes traffic worse and now I and everyone behind me had to slow down so they can recreate the gap that they put between themselves and the car in front of them. But by all means, we all know the world revolves around you and we should all just adjust accordingly as you are a total dick.

So, the next time you are being self-centered and are not planning ahead as you drive and suddenly need to go into the other lane like your life depends on it, don’t just cram your way in, plan ahead a little shithead.

Leaving a large space
steven peeven

By Steven Peeven

My name is Steven Peeven and I'm very easily pissed off by other people and their stupid actions. I saw the Family Guy episode about Peter Griffin and what grinds my gears, so I decided to turn this into a series of blog posts. AverageJoe said that I can use his blog for my posts, so here I am.

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