Turned Down for Life insurance

Life Insurance
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Turned Down For Life Insurance

Wow, not much sucks worse than being in good health besides having Chronic Pain and a mysterious neurological illness. Well, actually there are so many things that suck worse and I’m so fortunate to only have my little issues in life compared to many others who have much more serious medical conditions to deal with. The thing could always be worse that is for sure. So maybe my intro to this post is a little too much. No, wait, no it isn’t causing my post isn’t about a medical condition it is about the crappy way insurance companies treat those that have medical conditions that the insurance company does not want to deal with.

I have been turned down many times by many different companies for life insurance. I ended up getting the standard twice-your-salary insurance that most companies provide, and I have a small policy through another company. Then I have a ton of death and dismemberment insurance, which isn’t the best option, but then again, as long as I don’t die from Drinking and driving, Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Car racing, War, Suicide or attempted suicide, Drug overdose, Death resulting from a mental or physical illness, Bacterial infection, Hernia or Death during surgery. So basically an accidental death in the context of an AD&D insurance policy is a death due to an unforeseen circumstance or event unrelated to your health. This means that the insured’s death can’t be caused by or related to an illness.

So as long as I don’t croak from my mystery illness, I’m good, well my family is good. I don’t think I have to worry too much about dying from any adrenaline-fueled activity like Bungee Jumping, even though I do want to try that someday.

OK, seriously, when you have very few affordable life insurance options, AD&D looks like the way to go at least for now. As I get older I will likely drop the AD&D and just have to deal with the ugly reality of it, since I don’t have a diagnosis of what is wrong with me, well physically wrong with me, I already know that I’m mentally disturbed.

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