Pondering the future

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Pondering the Future

Sitting in the hospital as my mother-in-law is being prepped for Renal Angioplasty, I ponder my life on several levels. First being in the hospital has reminded me that in the past 18 months, I have been in the hospital three times. All three of them were via the Emergency Room and two of them required being admitted. All three were indeed related to my neuropathic issues and my medications.

I was admitted once for what I thought was a heart attack, which turned out to be an issue with the inhalers that I was prescribed, which caused my heart rate to skyrocket and for me to generally not feel very well. Once was for issues of my withdrawing from Cymbalta and this last time was the simplest visit of the three for an allergic reaction to Lyrica. These three visits have made me decide not to change my medications for at least six months, preferably a year so I can get settled for a while and develop a good baseline. The hospital certainly takes it out of you, that is for sure.

I’m also pondering my general health as a whole. Recently I have been working on losing weight and I’m actually doing fairly well. My clothes are fitting loser on me and the scale is showing the results as well. I have been walking more and watching more of what I eat (that is except today since you can only get so much food at the hospital. Even the cafeteria food isn’t all that great.

Lastly, I’m pondering life in general. I know that I need to figure out how to slow down some at work and I need to pretty much slow down less at home, which is where I’m usually not doing much. I need to get a good balance going on, which is something I have been working on as well.

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