Feeling Good!!!

yes im feeling good
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Feeling Good!!!

I have been back on my normal (1800mg) dosage of Gabapentin for 5 full days now and I’m feeling so much better. Changing medications is never easy, but this time was rough.

After a few days of flu-like symptoms, I feel great, I’m thinking clearly and I’m being a productive member of society again. I’m working on fixing all the damage I did while I was on Lyrica, but that may take some time, but it is what it is.

Spent the weekend with family and my nephew and had a great time. Went on a hike (I love hiking, and that seems to be my emotional therapy, that and camping, well I have to include shooting too) and beyond having the normal sore muscles, I feel great and I did great climbing back up the hills. Now all I need is a night with a campfire and the world will be right again.

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