Lyrica is making my job harder

LYRICA® (pregabalin)
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Lyrica Is Making My Job Harder

I had only been at work for a few hours and the bad choices and poor decision making is really running rampant today. Twice I ended up taking way too much time to problem-solve something very simple. I’m pretty good at what I do (IT) and I’m often called in when no one else can resolve the problem, but lately, I feel so stupid not being able to fix some of the simplest things. This junk has until tomorrow to start making my life better off I’m done with this junk. The swollen eyelids, the itching, muscle cramps and pains, the irritability, and the poor thinking issues (brain fog) are starting to get to me. I want my Gabapentin back. It had its issues, but at least I was accustomed to them.

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