I recently had the privilege of having a Laryngoscopy and it was, well, not all that fun. I had to see my ENT because my doctor is worried about why I experiencing hoarseness recently. It has going on for several months now and well, it is what it is at this point. So off to the ENT, where he used a fiberoptic laryngoscopy to through my nasal passage and into my throat. From there he just looks around. It isn’t all that bad honestly, but still unpleasant.

They use a spray that numbs your nasal passage and throat so you really don’t feel much until the doctor is pressing on the vocal cords. That part was somewhat annoying and slightly painful as you can feel the scope pushing on the cords. Just as fast as it went in, it was done and out and over with. The procedure takes a minute or so and then you are done.

He said, that everything looked fine, and is thinking that my losing my voice is directly related to my costochondritis as the vocal cords are made of cartilage and if they are getting inflamed they would sound different.

There isn’t much online about the two being connected, except a ton of questions and forums, where people suffering from costochondritis are all asking the same question about the two being related. My rheumatologist was thinking that maybe I have a nodule on my cords.

Since I still have more testing to go, we shall see what the outcome is. Wish me luck!

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