Cymbalta Round 2 – 40mg First Week

Cymbalta® duloxetine HCI
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Cymbalta Round 2 - 40mg First Week

My first week on 40mg of Cymbalta hasn’t been too terrible except for being tired all the time. I was lost much of this week, not zombied, just lost, more like clueless, but I promised myself and my family that I would give this a try and see where it takes me. I played with the times I took my Gabapentin trying to see if I could get the two meds spaced out enough to lessen the being tired effect. So far no real success at that. So it has been daily afternoon naps, just to survive the day. Not a big deal right now since I’m on leave from work for the holidays. But next week will certainly be interesting. The tachycardia and BP both seem to be normal as well. No major mood swings and the night sweats are not too bad at this point. I had an annoying muscle spasm on my left side under my rib cage for a few days this week as well.

I Think The Drugs Are Kicking In
I Think The Drugs Are Kicking In
I'm Not Saying I'm Clueless. But I'm Clueless
I'm Not Saying I'm Clueless. But I'm Clueless


  1. Avatar photo MissUnderstood says:

    Your choice of MEMEs for this post is perfect, I remember that drugged out feeling all the time. I hated it. I’ so glad those days are way behind me now. I have put the Cymbalta behind me and I’m working on doing the same with the Gabapentin, I’m trying CBD oil now and so far so good. I feel like me again, but pain-free. Give it a try.

    1. Thank you, I take my time to find the most appropriate MEMEs for my posts. I have not tried CBD oil as of yet, My employer runs urinalysis all the time and I can’t afford to lose my job. But I have requested permission from my bosses however.

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