Compressing The Pain

compressing the pain
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Compressing The Pain

CymbaltaDepending on the level of pain, I have found that compression wearables usually work well for me. I started off with the gloves and they really worked well, they managed to help greatly with the pain. The original pair I had was a very cheap pair and they tore rather quickly. The second pair was another cheap pair, but they lasted much longer, with the third pair being a pair from Copper Compression and they are still in use today (in fact I’m wearing them now as I type this post). I then discovered knee supports, followed by knee-high socks. I don’t wear the socks all that often, but the knee supports are worn several days a week. But they all work well and I really love the pain relief I get from them.

Now don’t get me wrong, they do not take all the pain away, but they do bring it down from a 6 to a 3 and I can handle that level all day long. I’m considering elbow supports next, since my pain is in my extremities on both sides of my body.

What are your thoughts on compression wearables?


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