Back to Normal

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Back to Normal

As many of you have commented, yes, I have been out for a while. I ended up getting pretty sick from the tooth infection, which was quickly followed by an upper respiratory infection. So for the last half of December 2019 and the months of Jan 2020 and Feb 2020, I pretty much just existed.

I'm BackThen came COVID and some depression issues, and then knee surgery for a torn meniscus directly after that. Then COVID started to get more serious and more depression set in.

Somewhere in there I got back-to-back diagnoses, well one was a confirmation and the other one was new, which of course didn’t help the depression. Along with that came some new medications which really messed with me.

2020 is over and we are into 2021 and things are getting better, well at least for me. I’m starting to feel more like myself now, I just need to find the energy to get things that I want and need to get done. Right now the “needs” are mostly getting done and a few “wants” are getting done as well. This blog just happens to be a “want”.

I hope to get the comments turned back on soon, after some very inappropriate comments and some spam bots that had defeated the CAPTCHA on the site. Be patient as things slowly return to some form of normal, well at least the new normal.

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