I’m Back

I'm Back
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I'm Back!

So as you already know I took a little break from this blog we can call it a hiatus, I made the mistake of allowing people who think they know me, to bully me into changing my thoughts and how I thought I felt, how I reacted to things, how I did things, I allowed them to change me. Some of these people I put way too much stock into and to be honest I found out how little they really knew me. Their loss and I’m cutting my losses and moving on.

So I’m back with a fresh new perspective and those that don’t like it can kiss my butt, it’s about them, it’s about me, deal with it. You are not being forced to read my blog so if you don’t like my posts then don’t read them, period, and end of discussion.

For those that read this, welcome, and thanks for sticking with me. Those that are haters, move on, there is nothing to see here.

Let me introduce myself to you, not re-introduce myself, I’m a 50-something male, who spent 10 great years of my life in the United States Marine Corps. A few years after I got out, around the 2003 time-frame actually, I noticed memory and cognitive issues and over the years they have worsened. Fast-forwarded to today, I not only have those same issues, but I also have daily battles with neuropathic pain of an undisclosed origin.

To combat the pain, I’m currently at 1800mg of Gabapentin a day and 150mg of Diclofenac Sodium a day for pain, for the most part, they keep the pain at a dull roar so I can function. However, there are days when it feels like they are not working at all and those days are rough.

The pain normally starts in one of my hands (usually the right) and then not long after it migrates to my other hand, while the right side starts to migrate up my arm, with the left arm not being too far behind. My feet and my legs are far behind. Then comes the sharp intense shooting pains which are so much fun to deal with. You never know when and where they are going to strike next.

On those days, I usually end up resorting to a small drink of Bourbon and Coke to take the edge off of things. It isn’t the best way of doing things, but it what I have found works for me and it does work, it takes the edge off just enough. I only ever have one small drink and I only ever have one once or twice a week at the most. But it really does help, it not only takes the edge off the pain, but it also chills me and that is a huge bonus.

So if you want to follow my exploits and adventures then hang around, if not then thanks for stopping by. I’m not out to please anyone, just trying to get through all this.

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