Tommy & Rumble CDs

Tommy & Rumble CDs
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Tommy & Rumble CDs

When I was stationed in Virginia Beach (between 1995-1998), the local rock radio station WNOR FM99, had these two radio personalities ‘Tommy & Rumble in the Morning’ (Tommy Griffiths and Rick Rumble) that ran the morning show (6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday) and they were pretty damn funny. In fact, they quickly became the most popular morning radio show in Virginia.

This popularity is due in large part to the comedic banter from the two hosts and their co-workers, as well as the famous (and infamous) radio bits they created.

They started together (Tommy was with Henry ‘The Bull’ Del Tore from 1990-1995 as ‘Tommy and the Bull’ at WNOR) in 1995 until 2009 when Tommy got suspended for playing an unedited 9-1-1 call that contained explicit language, four days later Tommy submitted his resignation.

Tommy landed at WBIG FM 100.3 in Washington D.C., until 2012, since he has left the airwaves and now does voice work for himself at Tommy Griffiths Voice Studios.  Rick Rumble is still at WNOR running the ‘Rumble in the Morning‘ show.

Over the years they put out 12 comedy CDs and even put together dozens of comedy concerts to raise money for local charities. has snippets of many of their tracks from those CDs and concerts.

When Tommy & Rumble were on the airwaves together, they produced 12 comedy CDs (Red/White/Blue are the same CD, with three different covers)

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