Bert Kreischer is The Machine

Bert Kreischer is The Machine
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Bert Kreischer is The Machine

Bert Kreischer has a really good story that he has been telling on stage for years now about how he partied with the Russian Mafia. The story goes on that due to a translation mixup, Bert became known as “The Machine“.

The new movie, The Machine is coming out and it takes place 20 years after his infamous train robbery story in Russia. According to Bert, this is a true story, while he was studying abroad.

I myself am excited about this movie and I want to see it. I have been a fan of Bert’s for several years now.

You can hear his story about how he was called “The Machine” by the Russian Mafia. If you have never seen Burt before, he does not wear a shirt while he is on stage.

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