Why Is Everything So Small

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Why Is Everything So Small

I’m not sure what the attraction is to all the miniature stuff right now on Wish.com, but look at all these mini knives, blades, hatchets, lighters, bibles, and playing cards. I mean what is the real purpose? Sure maybe having one on your keychain as a trinket is all right, but as far as it being useful for anything. I mean people must be purchasing this junk or they would not be selling it. Since they are offering them all for sale, then they must be selling. I just do not get it.

Look at the text on the miniature bible, I cannot even read the fine print on the back of the cereal box well enough the uber microprint on this miniature version of the bible. The Bible is supposedly 1″, now who can actually read that? In addition, the title is “Practical”, lol. Moreover, the playing cards, really? That would get painful holding onto those nearly microscopic playing cards after a while. Sure, you and your buddy are out hiking and you stop and you play a game of cards, okay, maybe, and I mean maybe, that is doable. But realistically, that isn’t going to happen. They are just too small to be useful at all. In addition, trying to pick one up from the pile will be interesting too. I mean they are 1.5cm by 1cm, so that is a little over 1/2 inch by a little over 1/4 inch. And the comments for the playing cards on Wish are all like “OMG, they are so cute”, “OMG, they are cute as heck”, and “So Cute, I must have”.

However, what gets me are miniature blades of any kind. Some of the comments people are inquiring as to how sharp these items are and do they cut. Sure the cut, they can cut the tiny miniature steak that is on your dollhouse plates. Then you open the micro bottle of A-1 and pour the one drop that is in the bottle onto the mini steak and whip out the miniature knife and carve that bad boy up and enjoy. And they are titling the knives as EDC (Everyday Carry), yeah, right! The total end-to-end opened length of the one knife listed as EDC is 1.5 inches.

Since Wish.com usually advertises all their adult items so they can get you to click on the ad, I wonder if they have micro 1/2″ long dildos or maybe a 1/4″ long nipple clamp. I did see nipple bars and prince Alberts while looking the other day at all the random stuff they offer.

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