Spotsylvania is on Reelz TV – Episode 54

On Patrol - Live
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Spotsylvania is on Reelz TV - Episode 54

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for the outstanding work you do every single day. Feel free to seek me out for any assistance that I may be able to offer. If you need a cold drink on a hot day, just knock and I or someone from my family will come to your aid. You have a thankless job, that many people do not understand. Thank you

Spotsylvania County, Virginia (where I reside) is being featured on On Patrol: Live, from December 2 through Feb 4, 2023. On Patrol: Live is on Reelz and if you don’t have cable, then it is available on Philo. Philo is a digital streaming service, for just $25 a month.

New episodes coming on Fridays and Saturdays.

This episode was S01E54 broadcasted on February 04, 2023. Camera crews tagged along with Deputy Jessica DeLage and Deputy Tristen Burnett. They featured one incident in this episode.

** I will only mention the names of individuals who were arrested. Those arrest records are available online in several places and in the local news media as well.

This episode lasted 3 hours with Spotsylvania being featured one time, at the very end of the episode.

Today’s theme seemed to be drunk, drinking, and just plain old being shit-faced. This episode really highlights the bull shit that police officers across the U.S. have to put up with. They rarely have to the person who is going to allow the officer to take control of the situation take their ticket and move on. The first three incidents are the police listening to a ton of BS and taking the abuse. And the officers were not only professional but they went easy on the people.

Incident 1

We open in Spotsylvania, Virginia with Deputy Jessica DeLage responding to a possible overdose at a local hotel. She responds to room 214 at the Super Value Inn on Richmond Highway (Old Econo Lodge behind Denny’s). The Super Value Inn is a hotel that often rents rooms by the month, which is often the only way some families can afford it as they can’t afford apartment fees and deposits and don’t qualify for a home loan. However, this also means that these hotels are hot spots for crime, drugs, and prostitution.

When Deputy DeLage arrives, at the room, the guy has already had two NARCAN doses administered and she administers a third. When EMS arrives the guy is still not very responsive. NARCAN or Naloxone is a medication that is often used to reverse or reduce the effects of opioids.

What most people do not understand is that the first person on the scene of almost any incident is the police.

Deputy Delage remained calm under pressure and as always a professional, Kudo to Deputy DeLage.

When EMS arrived, we quickly cut to another incident

Daytona Beach, FL

This time we are being taken to Daytona Beach, Florida, where Officer Richie Maher and other officers are responding to a fight at a local convenience store. When they arrive, the fight has been broken up and they try to put the pieces together and search for one of the victims, who is supposedly bleeding and carrying a log (as in a chunk of tree).

We quickly switch back and forth between Richland, SC, and Daytona Beach, FL.

The producers are having fun with the titles at the bottom of the screen and the search for a guy carrying a log

Looking for a Logger
Search for Evening Wood

The cops are still searching, so we move back to Richland, SC

When we come back they find a guy who thought he had himself some twinkies. (not sure what that has to do with anything)

A drunk guy falls off his electric motor scooter “have you been drinking tonight?” “yes sir, that is why I didn’t drive”

officer “you just about domed yourself on one of the 875 screwdrivers that fell out of your bike

Richland County, SC

CPL Kenny Fitzsimmons responds to a report of an assault. As 
As Cpl Fitzsimmons arrives and states to the camera, “oh great, of course, it is the compound looking place with a beware of dog

The story is about a woman who is threatening people with a gun. I can’t make much sense of what is going on, but Cpl Fitzsimmons seems to have a good grasp on it.

This incident is already wrapping up, so we head back to Daytona Beach.

We cut back and forth between this and Daytona Beach several times. 

Spotsylvania, VA

After playing hot potato with Richland County and Daytona Beach, we run back to Spotsylvania who had a very poor showing last night, but tonight, we are bringing our “A” game. Deputy Jessica DeLage is responding down the road to an Assault in progress call.

She and at least one other deputy arrive at the call on Lafayette Blvd, to the TV Repair Shop (yes, we still have a TV repair shop in town). This call is a total trainwreck, and not due to anything that the deputies are doing, there are just way too many people all complaining at the same time. However, the fight seems to have broken up. But there is a guy with a hole in the side of his face.

We take a 60-second commercial break and then come back to Spotsylvania County and now Deputy Tristen Burnett is also on the scene.

We cut back to Daytona Beach, where the deputies and EMS are now responding to the man who fell off his scooter. At this time, the officers, concede that they are not going to make any progress on the original call of looking for a guy with a log.

And go back to Spotsy trainwreck we go again. again

An arrest was made and Sidney Pratt was hauled off to jail.
It seems that Mr. Pratt has a problem following the law with a least 10 arrests since 2003.

Nye County, NV

Earlier in the day, they stop a guy pulling a trailer and it just happens to be a friend of the officers. The dialog was funny, as he is teasing his buddy, to arrest him and call him a pussy.

It was all a misunderstanding as several homeless people thought that he was stealing the trailer, which he owned.

Richland, SC

(Recorded Earlier) Now we get to the call that if you didn’t have a tear in your eye, then you aren’t human. CPL Kenny Fitzsimmons responds to calls of a jumper on the highway bridge. He was able to get the young man off the ledge and to the street. He sat with him until his fathers, girlfriend arrived, and she immediately started to talk with him, trying to find out what was going through his head. His father arrives and he immediately does the same thing. EMS is delayed, so with the help of Officer Fitzsimmons, they get the man into the back of his father’s car and off to the hospital to get the help that he so desperately needs. The toughest part was when the young man’s father hugged Cpl Fitzsimmons.

Major kudos to Cpl Kenny Fitzsimmons of the Richland Sheriffs’ Department.

Volusia County, FL

They pull over a guy on a motorcycle for a warrant. They call his nephew to come to get the motorcycle, and he is arrested for a warrant. They call the mom of the nephew to come to get the bike and she too has a warrant also. It will be a family reunion at the Volusia County jail tonight.

Beech Grove, IN

The cops arrive at an apartment complex to find the front window of the main entrance shot out. They go up to apartment #19 and pull out four people. No clue how this one ends.

Spotylvania, VA

Deputy Jessica DeLage and other deputies arrive on a domestic issue in what appears to be Salem Fields. When we show up, they are arresting Brian Smith was arrested for Public Intoxication, who supposedly called the cops. No clue what the story is here.

Spotsylvania, VA

After some missing horses in Nevada and the crime of the night, we are off to Spotsy again. We are with Deputy DeLage and others at the Towne Center (Mall) for a fight. A ton of yelling with the mother of the victim. We cut away and do not return, so we don’t know the full story here.

As this is the final day of Spotsylvania being on “On Patrol:Live”, this will conclude my coverage of it here as well. Thank you for your support.

It seems that most people do not understand the laws about videotaping or taking photos. Basically, the law is that if it is in public and anyone can see it, then the photographer/videographer does not require permission to film. Here is an article about Photographer’s Rights.

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    Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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Welcome to the Average Joe Weekly blog. This is basically my place on the web where I can help spread some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I served 10+ years in the Marine Corps on Active Duty, but that was some 25 years ago.

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