Spotsylvania is on Reelz TV – Episode 47

On Patrol - Live
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Spotsylvania is on Reelz TV - Episode 47

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for the outstanding work you do every single day. Feel free to seek me out for any assistance that I may be able to offer. If you need a cold drink on a hot day, just knock and I or someone from my family will come to your aid. You have a thankless job, that many people do not understand. Thank you

Spotsylvania County, Virginia (where I reside) is being featured on On Patrol: Live, from December 2 through Feb 4, 2023. On Patrol: Live is on Reelz and if you don’t have cable, then it is available on Philo. Philo is a digital streaming service, for just $25 a month.

New episodes coming on Fridays and Saturdays.

This episode was S01E47 broadcast on January 13, 2023. Camera crews tagged along with Deputy Jessica Delage and Deputy Tristen Burnett. They featured three different incidents in this episode.

** I will only mention the names of individuals who were arrested. Those arrest records are available online in several places and in the local news media as well.

This episode lasted 3 hours with Spotsylvania being featured first in this episode.

Incident 1

Episode 47 opened with Spotsylvania Sgt Ray Pittman responding to a Vehicle Pursuit, on U.S. Route 1 and Devonshire Drive

When he arrives, the pursuit is over and the person has been apprehended. 

Incident 2

The next incident for Spotsylvania is Sgt Ray Pittman responding to an Assault in Progress call.  We cut as Sgt Pittman is a long distance (11 minutes)  from the call.

We return with Deputy Dillon Jackson on the scene of the Assault in Progress. There is not an assault happening, and we cut away.

Incident 3

Deputy Dillon Jackson is responding to a reckless driver call at a Domino’s Pizza restaurant on Courthouse Road. The officer finds Anthony Lewis Lee inside the restaurant with no shoes on his feet. It is obvious that he has had a few too many to drink. We cut away to another locality.

Incident 4

Earlier in the day or week, they filmed a drunk driver/accident on Harrison Road. The call ended up with an arrest.

Incident 3 - again

Back at the Dominoes pizza, after a field sobriety test, Deputy Jackson arrests Anthony Lee for DUI.

Daytona Beach, FL

Sgt Michael Bryant rolls up on a stranded motorist on a motorcycle. There is a lady on the scene, who tells the Sgt that the operator of the motorcycle is “Drunker than Cooter Brown“.

Berkeley County, SC

Kudos to Deputy Lee for helping a motorist with their wiper blades. The police don’t get enough kudos for helping people.

Berkeley County, SC

I found it uncanny how the one deputy in the early part of the show, sounded like the late comedian Ralphie May.

Crime of the Night

Tonight’s, Crime of the Night, was from Arkansas and is a high-speed chase. The police successfully deploy the PIT maneuver (precision immobilization technique) twice the first one, and the driver managed to get the car back on the road. The second deployment ended with one car in the ditch, a cop car upside down, and the bad guy in cuffs. 

Reelz Channel Guide

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692 on Verizon

You can stream it on Amazon Prime and Philo


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