There Are Psycho Clients Abound

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There Are Psycho Clients Abound

I once had a web design client that turned into a very whiny stalker. This was before we had an office and some 10-plus years ago when we ran the business out of our home and this client would call us daily, whining that his phone is not ringing, “I really need to get my phone ringing”.

Now mind you, there is much more to getting a business’s phone to ring than a website, but he literally came to us with his last few dollars and wanted a miracle. His business was days away from total collapse, and he thought that a website was the very thing that would save his business. In his eyes had nothing to do with him or his business practices. It was like, we are not sure what you expect, but we just cannot make miracles happen like that. Therefore, we built him a website in a few days and put it online. In addition, he even tried to welch out on the full payment, stating that his phone is not ringing.

We also had him do a little work in our house, and I mean little, he was just creepy. In addition, this work, OMG, was bad, not at all professional level. No clean-up after either, it was no wonder why his business was failing. We even found potential customers for him online. Nevertheless, back to his website.

He didn’t have the money to pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so, basically, he had a website on the internet, but it was just hanging out there, no one knew about it as no SEO was done on it. I felt sorry for the man on one side of the coin, but the other side was like, dude, I am a business and I’m in business to make money, so you are going to have to pay for services, period. I ended up throwing him a bone and submitted his site to the search engines and even did some minor SEO work and some local citations for him, all in an effort to get him out there, as he was a fellow veteran.

However, that was where the problems started; he would drive by the house almost daily, going very slowly, I guess that helped his phone ring somehow. When I was not home, he would actually park in the driveway and just sit there creeping out my wife and business partner. Several times, he would actually call the business phone while he was sitting in the driveway or across the street and whine that his phone is not ringing, what a psycho. OMG, I figured it out, he had a crush on my wife, it actually took me calling him out and telling him to leave or he will wish he did. Of course, he had to try to intimidate me and use the use I’m an Army veteran and I’m badass “card” and I ended up pulling the, so, I’m a U.S. Marine and I’m not the scared “card”.

He got the message and left and we never heard from that creepy bastard ever again.

Some people!

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